“World Watchlist Challenge (formerly the “555 Challenge”):
Whether you do all parts of the challenge or simply use it as a means to be reminded to pray weekly this is a good resource.  Each email is for a different country on the list and contains stories & info fo that nation as well as a link to prayer requests.  I have found the best way to use this is to drop what I’m doing when the email comes in and pray right then.

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*The Voice of the Martyrs disputed use of funds issue:
Basically, there are allegations accusing VotM of misappropriating donations to the benefit of their executives, facilities, etc.  Michael Wurmbrand, son of Richard - founder of VotM, has been calling for an official audit of the organization and has asked that his & his parents’ names & likenesses no longer be used by the charity - so far to no avail.  The issue is detailed a little more here:  Having read the article, I would advise everyone simply to do as they’re led by the Lord.  If it is donating money, Open Doors has a much more transparent way of handling things and more of the money donated through them actually goes to the need.  But if God says “give to VotM”, do so - they DO still accomplish amazing & vital work going on throughout the world.  If you are drawn to certain resources please don’t hesitate to buy things from VotM.  The resources are valuable regardless.  :)